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Sign-up = To BE[eauty] August 9, 2010

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Flooding of old levee at “The Bend” in Lake Providence May 12, 2011

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This is the old levee. Its currently being topped over with the Mississippi. It isn’t broken though.

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Wooo saaa May 3, 2011

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I’m using today’s post as a chance to vent. I truly believe there is health and beauty to venting. It sure beats letting it all pile up on your chest and stress you out more!… *sheepishly* right?

Now, this little rant is based off of other frustrations but what I’m upset over is directly related. So, bear with me, por favor.

I find it incredibly disheartening, untrustworthy and totally cheap for anyone to promise anybody anything … And then not follow through with that. Matter’fact’ly… Its probably my biggest pet peeve in life. (or definitely atleast today) So, I’m sure you’re wondering what was promised to me that was never made good? Well, good question.

The company that Brent’s rig is contracted with promised bonuses. When bonuses are a regular monthly and sometimes TWICE monthly thing, you (not advisable) learn to depend on those. So, they rope these ol’ southern dudes up here to the near Yankee states, and some even IN the Yankee states to work. PROMISING bonuses. So, February of 2010 they come. Spending their own family’s money to drive 16 hrs or buying their own ticket to fly a whole day here just to be away from their families for an entire 14 days… Mostly 15/16 considering travel time. And the bonuses never come. “we’ll do it quarterly.” “we’ll do it semi-anually” “now annually” and now never.

Don’t get me wrong! Don’t go jump on the hate bandwagon that says “well, atleast you have steady income and a Job!” yes, you’re right. We truly are blessed and I truly am very grateful for the great job Brent has, and I have. That’s not my point. (Don’t you love how I go all around the mulberry bush and still don’t make a point?)

POINT IS – just like AMERICA. We are putting all these dollars into the pockets of politicians, honest and crook, into debt, into raises for senators who already make over a quarter million dollars a year. What’s $50,000 more to someone who makes $250,000 annually? That’s like someone who makes $20,000 getting a $1,000/yr raise. When they could take that $50k and divide it between 5 Americans making $10,000 a year, doubling their income. Likewise, all these “big wigs” in the oilfield industry make hundreds of thousands of dollars. When the “little people” are the ones busting their rumps and still making it check to check. Sure. They busted theirs and climbed the ladder and feel they deserve every penny they earn… But At some point – doesn’t money become irrelevant? What’s the point of making a million dollars a year, but see the rest of the world struggling? I know… Greed. Selfishness. Power. But its not how it should be.

So, if one politician or “big wig” would take just .2% of the quarter million they make ANNUALLY and give it to someone who needs or depends on that… Itd be a huge difference for that person and a minuscule difference for that big wig. Do the math… That’s only $500. ONCE. What a shame how greedy our country and corporate America have become.

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Switchin’ it up!! May 2, 2011

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Ok, no lectures, please, on how long it’s been since I last posted. I didn’t necessarily lose interest… I just lost motivation to be positive. It was hard to be upbeat and positive when I was going thru something hard or challenging. And my thought was… If I can’t inspire myself, why would I post anything online that other people will read? So, I’ve decided I’m going to change it up. Rather than pretend to be positive when things are down, I’m just going to be honest. Because that’s beautiful too. Honesty, with myself and others. Anyway – off that and to the point!

This change is kicking off not only for my blog, but my life too, because we have a little one on the way. It starts with a challenging conundrum. What came first? The chicken or the egg?

The backdrop to this question is – I think, ok, ok… I KNOW, I need structure in my life. Not only will it help now, but also when baby arrives with his/her own schedule. The conundrum though is – where do I start? Obviously I can think of a hundred things I need to change right NOW, but I have to take this one small step at a time to be successful and have these Habits stick FOR GOOD.

I’m going to treat myself like a child. And when I think of a child and the structure they have, my first question is, where does it start? To consider that question seems quite elementary, my dear Watson. The very first obvious set plan I see with children is a set time of rise and sleep. If a child varies from their set bed time/ rise time, everyone knows how off kilter it leaves them. Grumpy or hyper and throwing off their whole day. Meal times, nap times, and the next night’s bed time, which leaves room for ruining a habit/structure for the rest of their life. Literally. So, I think I’ll start with setting a bed time and a wake time. (ugh! But I CAN do this!) It will not only help me be more productive in my day, it will probably make me feel better. And that, my friends (yes, the 2 people reading this), brings me back to the age old question. Chick or egg? Do I start with setting a bed time? Or a rise time? Both are reeeaalllllyyy hard habits for me to start. I hate getting up in the mornings and I’m a total night owl. Would waking up earlier make me go to bed earlier or vice versa??

Well, for tonight it seems I’m passed any normal human’s bed time, and I have an early appointment tomorrow morning – I’ll begin with trying to get up earlier! Baby steps.

And to share something historical and interesting – even our founding father’s scheduled resting time. An excerpt from Benjamin Franklin’s journal, please see below.

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Clean Make-Up Brushes = To BE[auty] August 12, 2010

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 I’m sure not everyone uses make-up brushes. (Especially the guys, hehe) I just started using them about a year ago and I absolutely them. I would never go back to sponge type brushes again, because they are messy, sometimes unsanitary and the quality isn’t at all the same. If I travel and forget my brushes, then I will use them because brushes are too expensive to replace temporarily, but if you don’t use them – I would definitely recommend them. Later down the road I’ll try to do a blog on them.  They deserve their own spot.

  For informational purposes:  The brand of make-up brushes I use are from Prescriptives**. . I have the powder brush, a contoured cheek brush, a foundation brush, mini foundation brush (I call it), a concealer brush an all-over eye brush and a dual ended liner/blender eye brush. They are all fantastic brushes.  NOTE: They may have different, technical names or numbers, but I’ve had them awhile now and can’t remember exactly. I call them my own names. Just be glad I don’t have them named Becky, Tricia, Lou-Ann, etc.  😉

 Today though, I want to brag on a new method I used to clean them. They say you should clean your make-up brushes every week. Who has time for that, though?!  HOWEVER, now that I know how SIMPLE it is to get them clean, I’ll be making this a habit!

 Anyway, I was in Sephora a couple of weeks ago; I was about to spend about 20 + dollars on a brush cleaning set, and I asked them about how they clean their brushes.  Mine have only been deep cleaned probably twice since I got them almost a year ago. YUCK!  The following is what she suggested and I tried. It worked amazingly!

 Things I used to clean my brushes:

Small bowl (Prep bowl, cereal bowl, coffee mug)

Shampoo or a gel face wash (Something very gentle. I used my Garnier Fructis. I would have used my face wash, but shampoo is cheaper!)

  2 wash cloths – 1 dark color and 1 light color (Or 1 light-colored hand towel.)

Sephora’s Anti-Bacterial Daily Brush Cleaner (About $6 from a Sephora store or – where you can score some free samples too)

Warm tap water (Not hot because it could maybe mess with the glue that attaches the bristles?? to the brush, and not cold because it won’t help sanitize at all!)

Baby oil (I just used Equate brand from Wal-Mart)

Steps I used to clean my brushes: (WAY Easy!!)

NOTE: If you decide to clean your brushes, be very, very ultra gentle with them. Handling them too roughly can cause them to “shed”. Sometimes when brushes start shedding, they never stop! And that can be a pain when putting on make-up. No one wants bristles strewed across their face!

  1. I took the small bowl, put the shampoo in it and ran some warm water into the bowl.
  2. I dipped my brush, one at a time into the shampoo water. Then I scraped it on the side to get out any excess water. NOTE : If you place the brush on the bottom of the bowl and swish it around to clean it – which is a very natural instinct to do, you’ll have to change the water because it WILL get dirtied by the make-up out of the brushes making the other brushes harder to clean
  3. I took the dark-colored towel, and very gently rubbed the brush getting the excess water and make-up out of it. (The reason I used a dark-colored towel is because my foundation brushes were VERY coated in nasty foundation. I didn’t want to stain my beige towel)
  4. I repeated steps 2 and 3
  5. I sprayed it with my Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner. The way I did this was on the very mildly “dirty” brushes I sprayed my light-colored towel and just rubbed the brush until it came clean on this. If they were very “dirty” or covered in make-up, I sprayed the brush on each side over the towel, and then rubbed it in the towel. (The reason I used a light-colored towel for the mild ones is because they were pretty much just my eye shadow brushes and I wanted to be able to see when they were completely clean and not still “leaking” color)
  6. After doing these steps I took my foundation brushes because they weren’t completely clean and back to their original color, and I used a little baby oil on them. The baby oil sort of lifts the foundation off of the bristles and uncovers the original color and bristle; therefore, making it cleaner than what the spray or water did alone. I wouldn’t use much baby oil because the bristles will absorb some of the oil and no one wants oily brushes, but it helps get tough make-up out.
  7. I then took my bigger brushes (powder brush, cheek brush, foundation brushes) and rinsed them very gently in warm water. The reason I did this is because they are thicker, they held more of the water/cleanser mix. If you left the shampoo on there for them to dry it might damage the bristles.  And you definitely DO NOT want to leave baby oil on the foundation brushes.
  8. After rinsing, I made sure all the water was out of them, I re-shaped them gently with my fingers and laid them FLAT to dry. If you stand them up they will hold some water, which can lead to wooden handles breaking, rust forming around the metal parts and if you turn them back over there may be some water hiding, and your brush won’t be ready to use. If you place them brush head down, you’ll ruin the shape of the brush.
  9. Dried them overnight!


It took me about 15 minutes to clean all 7 of my brushes, because of the severity of them. (lol) If I made a habit of cleaning them it’d only take a few minutes each time. However, the time was well spent. The difference in these brushes was truly amazing! They looked, smelled and felt brand new again. No kiddin’.

Another benefit of the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner is the fact that you can use it daily. Since it is an anti-bacterial formula, if you were using it daily, you wouldn’t necessarily have to sanitize them weekly. I’m sure any brush cleaner is like this, but personally Sephora’s brand is my favorite. It has a light scent, as well. (Maybe I should just do a review on it!) Using it daily all you have to do is after using the brushes – spritz a Kleenex, and gently rub the make-up out.  TIP: With your eye shadow brushes and Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner – After rubbing the make-up out on the Kleenex, the brush is dry and can be used on a different color eye shadow. This is my favorite feature about this cleanser. This way I’m not creating new eye shadow colors by accidentally blending two or three together.

 Clean make-up brushes not only are healthy, and beautiful in themselves, but they also help to keep us  and our make-up beautiful and clean!

** – Prescriptives is no longer in operation. Esteè Lauder shut them down. I was sad, disappointed and temporarily depressed when this took place back in January 2010. I wanted to let you know though, so you wouldn’t try to find them. I’m just glad I got the products I did before they went out of business!

Do you use make-up brushes and if so, how do you clean them?? Any easier tips than what I’m doing? I’m always looking for a faster, healthier method!


BLOGGING = To BE[auty] August 8, 2010

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 I have found that blogging, as tacky and awful as some may view it, has been something that has brought beauty and positive things into my life. It could be viewed as a hobby. I know I haven’t been doing this for long, but it’s already given me a goal, a focus and it re-directs my thinking from negative to positive. Any hobby would do this, I’m sure, but for me – blogging is a good outlet.

 Knowing that every day, every few days or even just ONCE a week I am going to be blogging to y’all about where I have found beauty – makes me excited to start a day with a fresh brain and outlook. I know that I have a goal, and because I took the goal and made it public with blogging, I know that I can’t be lax or lazy. I have to accomplish the goal or everyone will see I didn’t! lol. Can’t have that now, can I?

 Blogging also gives me a focus. Instead of rushing through life with my brain trying to develop new ways to seeing life, trying to understand events or just being a “bump on the log” – I have a focus. That focus is to see my life in three parts: past, present and future, as well as find beauty and positive-ness in life. By having that focus I am giving my heart and mind something to think on rather than depressing thoughts or overwhelming thoughts. I get to stop in stressful moments and think “Ok, where is the beauty here? Is there beauty in this?” If there isn’t, then I know I need to re-evaluate what I’m doing and move on because it’s probably something negative.

 Speaking of transitioning from negative to positive – blogging gives me the ability to do this with increased ease. Because I know that my focus is to be positive “beauty”. I have been able to start re-training my brain, so to speak, to think in positive thoughts. The outcome has been a happier me, a happier environment for my family and honestly – a more fulfilled life.

I’m sure to a lot of people, “thinking happy thoughts” is for Peter Pan and Wendy, or the cockamamie crazies on talk shows and self –help books. In all honesty though, in the short amount of time I’ve been doing this – thinking positive has really improved me, my mood and my life. I’m sure there will be ups and downs. I’m sure that there will be days I don’t want to think happy Tinker Bell thoughts, but I’m here to tell you, just making this slight change has really made a difference.

 I think in general though, that any hobby that keeps you, your mind and brain busy and in a good mood – is something worth investing time into. It’s a way to escape or deal with hard times.

 Blogging/Hobbies help create and maintain a beautiful attitude.

 Do you have any hobbies or interests that help keep yourself in check? I hope I never get burned out on blogging, but if I do – I’d love to know what keeps other people ticking!


Cooper’s Rock

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from the lookout point

from the lookout point

Me and the girlies (Roxy and Velvet) went to Cooper’s Rock hiking yesterday for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun even just by myself with them. It was gorgeous there today. The temperature was only about 70 degrees and in the cool of the mountain side shade and rocks it was a lot nicer. It was very nice to get out for awhile to relax, take in some scenery and get some exercise!! Cooper’s Rock is my new favorite LOCAL get away!

    All of the pictures are from my cell so the quality isn’t good. Hopefully next time Brent can go with me, so I can take my camera and get good pictures.

other side of the lookout

other side of the lookout   ^

the girls on the start of the hike.

the girls on the start of the hike. ^huge rock formation. you cant see the detail cause its a mobile pic but the water had formed shapes

huge rock formation. you cant see the detail cause its a mobile pic but the water had formed shapes

a cave!

a cave!

looking down from a rock we jumped to

looking down from a rock we jumped to

they are pooped afterwards!!

they are pooped afterwards!!

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